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    • 08 Jan 2019
    • 01 Dec 2020
    • 24 sessions
    • Powell River General Hospital 5000 Joyce Avenue, Powell River, BC, ​V8A 5R3

    Update change in presenter and topic

    Meeting are held in the basement of the hospital adjacent to the elevators


    1. 5 minute guided Meditation
    2. Welcome New Members
    3. Review of group guidelines
    4. Education Topic:  
      1. January 7, 2019, Brian from ambulance service will speak about this service in Powell River and touch on self-management. 
      2. February 5, Edith and Cathy will present information and an overview of the 6-week chronic pain self-management program. They will also talk about a review of 2018 and planning for 2019. We will look at what long term and short term goals are important to you to improve your pain self-management. 
      3. March 5, Chris Drummond will be speaking about the difficult emotions associated with living with pain. We know that the emotional side of living with pain is the hard part. We have talked at other meetings about the emotional part of the pain experience is the "suffering" (negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions) this is where we have the control to decrease the influence and impact of living with pain. Having a counselor present more information and answering questions about the connection of emotions to pain's intensity will be very helpful.
    5. Break

    6. Check out – Final comments or questions
    7. 5 min mediation

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