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    • 04 Apr 2018
    • 04 Dec 2019
    • 21 sessions
    • Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences 4755 Cherry Creek Road Port Alberni, BC V9Y 0A7 Canada

     10 AM TO NOON

    Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences

    4755 Cherry Creek Road

    Port Alberni, BC, V9Y 0A7

    Please park and enter the building from the north side once inside the building please turn left the meeting space is at the end of the corridor


    1. 5 minute guided Meditation
    2. Welcome New Members
    3. Review of group guidelines
    4. Education Topic:   Kris Arklie- Port Alberni Pool Benefits from moving in the water.

      Kris is joining us at our November 7, 2018 meeting to talk about the many benefits from moving in the water especially for people living with pain. It has been proven that there are decreases in pain for people and of course, health benefits from the workout no matter how gently a person moves.

      People who have fibromyalgia report significant benefits especially when the water is on the warmer side.


    5. Break
    6. Check out – Final comments or questions
    7. 5 min mediation

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