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    • 16 Apr 2019
    • 15 Dec 2020
    • 21 sessions
    • Church of the Valley 23589 Old Yale Road, Langley, BC, V2Z 2K4

    At The Church of the Valley, 23589 Old Yale Road, Langley.

    (Huge Glass Building with entrances on Fraser Hwy & Old Yale Road)

    Church Phone: 604-514-8335 Wifi - Network: SDA    Password - seventhday​

    Educational Topic: 


    "Freeing People From Pain - Based on the concept that you can take control of your own healing, learn how to calm your nervous system, and eliminate your pain without surgery. Based on Dr. Wayne Phimister's his own book Pain Solutions for the 21st Century, along with Prominent Spine Surgeon, Dr. David Hanscom MD's best-selling book - Back In Control: A Surgeon's Roadmap out of Chronic Pain, 2nd Edition. 

    Click here for the Handout.

    Dr. Wayne Phimister - Chronic Pain Management, Family Physician, Assistant Clinical Professor, Hosts iTunes Podcast Show, and Author of the book Pain Solutions for the 21st Century. His qualifications are MBChB, BSc,DFFP, MRCGP DipMedAcupCCFP CAFCI CertGunnIMSFCFP.


    This continues on with the topic from February's Guest Speaker - Dr. Wayne Phimister  "Freeing People From Pain" Fraser Valley P.S.M.E.S. Group Facilitator Lorinda will present Educational Materials consisting of a Youtube Video by Dr. Howard Schubinar explaining the Roll that STRESS plays in the creation of learned nerve pathways. (9:00 Min) Plus, handouts presented from Howard Schubinar MD's Book "Unlearn Your Pain, 2nd Edition 2012." This continues on with the topic from February's Guest Speaker - Dr. Wayne Phimister MBChB, BSc, DFFP, MRCGP, DipMedAcup, CCFP, CAFCI, CertGunnIMS, FCFP "Freeing People From Pain"

    The role that STRESS plays - and the creation of learned nerve pathways – (9:00 minutes) Youtube Video by Dr. Howard Schubiner Explaining chronic pain:

    Based on Dr. Howard Schubiner MD's book - 'Unlearn your pain'

    Summary: Dr. Howard Schubiner MD discusses how chronic pain can be devastating, but that it is often not what it seems. Pain can be caused by tissue damage, however many people with chronic pain have no tissue damage. Their pain is caused by learned nerve pathways which are explained in this video. Stress and emotional reactions to stressful life events can produce nerve pathways of pain, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and depression. Learned nerve pathways can be reversed as described in this video.

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