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    • 20 Jun 2017
    • 20 Nov 2018
    • 13 sessions
    • Church of the Valley 23589 Old Yale Road, Langley, BC, V2Z 2K4

    Educational Segment: Discover the Best Researched Info About Curing Brain-Fog, (Fibro-Fog) Naturally Part Two

    You Will Discover:

    • Unique and Unknown Brain-Fog Causes & Natural Cures

    • Herbs that decrease Brain-Fog Naturally
    • Great Foods & Beverages that relieve Brain-Fog. (Fiber-Fog)
    • How your Own Medical Condition contributes to your Brain-Fog
    • Amazing New Factors that might be Contributing to your Fiber-Fog
    • Secret Everyday Home Remedies
    • How a Specific Yoga Exercise eliminates Brain-Fog
    • How to Detox your Body and Reset your Gut
    • How the Role of Blood Sugar's, Menopause, Stress Hormones, and many other factors affect the Brain-Fog Experience.
    • Which Vitamins can Fight-Off Fiber-Fog Before it even Starts.
    • Vitamins made Specifically for Reducing Fiber-Fog Attacks.

    (Talk to your medical practitioner before taking any medications including Vitamins or Herbs as they can react with other prescribed medications you may be taking.)

    ​Please let me know if you can come. ​

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